The December birthstones are turquoise, aquamarine and opal. Turquoise stones are onyx gemstones that can include shades of blue, green, black or any combination thereof. These gemstone varieties were used by ancient peoples to decorate their windows in order to ward off the evil eye.

Aquamarines were worn as talismans due to the stone’s history of protecting ship captains from storms at sea and even pirates during raids. Aquamarine is a quartz crystal that has a range of colours including yellow, greenish-blue shades or pale pink hues when polished into pink gemstones like morganite or peach alexandrite.

Opal is a translucent to opaque mineral with a wide range of colour varieties. The opal birthstone is mostly found in southern Africa, although the precious opals that are found in Australia and Brazil are also popular for jewellery. Opals are known as the ‘bad luck’ gemstone.

As every birthstone has its own unique meaning, the December birthstones hold significance as well. Turquoise is a symbol of peace and protection. The gemstone has been recognized for thousands of years and is mentioned in the Bible as a symbol of wealth, honour and national power.

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