Birthstones make the perfect gift for a special person on a special occasion. They are a thoughtful gift and obviously there is a different stone for each month, so make sure you get the right one. 

They are generally best as a birthday gift, however, you could choose someone a birthstone gift for a Christmas gift or Mother’s Day gift. Most birthstone gifts are pieces of jewellery with the stone, but there are other ideas too. 

Birthstones have a historical significance and seem to date back to biblical times and the first selling of gemstones based on the person’s birth month was in Poland in the 18th century by Jewish gem traders. 

Birthstone jewellery makes a really precious and special gift that the recipient is sure to treasure for years to come. Many of the stones are gorgeous, vibrant colours that will bring joy and happiness when given as a gift.  

Birthstone jewellery will be unique as a stone is never exactly the same. You can make your birthstone jewellery even more special by personalising the jewellery with a message of love or their name/initials engraved into the piece. A really beautiful and unique gift idea that has had a lot of thought put into it is lovely to receive. 

I would say the majority of birthstone gifts are jewellery of some sort although maybe a photograph frame embellished with the stone would be something different. The majority of birthstone gifts are aimed at the female market, however, maybe a pair of cufflinks with some stones in could work for a male.

January Birthstone Gifts.

The garnet is the birthstone for January and the beautiful stones have many different colours ranging from deep red to a green colour. They are bright and a very special stone that can be a fabulous gift for anyone with a January birthday. Th Garnet signifies eternal friendship and trust so a lovely gift for a close friend or family member.

February Birthstone Gifts.

The beautiful amethyst is the birthstone for February. Choose a lovely gift for a friend with a February birthday.

March Birthstone Gifts.

Bloodstone and aquamarine gifts for those with March birthdays. Aquamarine is a beautiful coloured stone with a calming nature. It looks lovely in silver jewellery, especially in the summer months. The bloodstone is a dark green stone that is famous for its healing powers. Both of these stones make fabulous gifts for all of those people born in March.

April Birthstone Gifts.

Birthstones make wonderful gifts and Aprils birthstone is no exception. The stunning diamond is the birthstone for April and is given in gifts of jewellery such as rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. It is one of the most desired gemstones and they symbolise eternal love and purity. The most sparkly of gemstones and certainly a very special stone reserved for those with birthdays in April.

May Birthstone Gifts.

Emerald is the birthstone colour for May so if you have a May birthday or know someone who has then put one of these beautiful gifts on your wish list.

June Birthstone Gifts.

A birthstone gift is a thoughtful idea and the Alexandrite stone in a piece of jewellery makes a special treat for a friend who’s birthday falls in the month of June.

July Birthstone Gifts.

The stunning Ruby makes a beautiful gift for those born in the month of July. The red stone is one of the four precious gems and is very valuable especially large ruby’s as they are rare. They are hard durable stones and perfect for everyday wear. Show your loved one how much you care with a beautiful Ruby for their July birthday.

August Birthstone Gifts.

The stunning green rare gem known as peridot is the gemstone for August births. It looks very pretty in jewellery such as bracelets and earrings. Peridots are one of the oldest gemstones they were commonly used by ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks and Romans. They are said to bring a good year to all who wear them so really make a beautiful gift. The green stone comes in different shades and looks amazing set in silver jewellery.

September Birthstone Gifts.

The birthstone for September is the beautiful sapphire. Treat your friend who has a September birthday to a sapphire gift. There is a lot of great choices.

October Birthstone Gifts.

People with a birthday in October are lucky enough to have 2 birthstones. The birthstones for October are opal and tourmaline. They are both beautiful and elegant stones it is difficult to choose between the two. Opal comes in a range of colours as does tourmaline and the two stones complement each other perfectly to make beautiful gifts. October really is a vibrant month.

November Birthstone Gifts.

The birthstones for November are Topaz and Citrine two bright coloured stones to add some warmth to the cold month of November. They are both affordable stones so they won’t cost the earth and look stunning. Citrine is believed to be a healing stone and a gift from the sun. Topaz comes in a variety of beautiful colours. Take your pick from some beautiful gift ideas we have.

December Birthstone Gifts.

Beautiful gift ideas for those with a December birthday. The stunning turquoise stone will be sure to brighten up their day.



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