with so many zombie gifts for the holidays, you’re sure to find a great gift for your favourite undead friend. From decorative zombie figurines and awesome T-shirts, to delicious treats like brainsicles and brain cheese dip- all of these have been hand-picked using our brains.

  • Zombie Unicorn T-Shirt

    Zombie Unicorn T-Shirt

    This funny t-shirt will make everyone around you smile when they see your unique sense of humor. Wear it to parties or just walking down the street and start conversations about zombies and unicorns!
    Buy from 8Ball
  • Zombie Need Coffee Men's Halloween T Shirt, Black/Grey

    Zombie Need Coffee Men’s Halloween T Shirt, Black/Grey

    This is a funny zombie t shirt for the Halloween season. It’s also great for anyone who loves zombies and coffee! Get your own today!
    Buy from Not On The High Street
  • Zombie To Do List Notepad

    Zombie To Do List Notepad

    The Zombie To Do List Notepad makes the perfect gift for any occasion! Whether it be birthdays, Christmas, or even if you want to get something special for yourself (we won’t judge), this will be sure to please anyone with its unique design and hilarious puns.
    Buy from Not On The High Street
  • Zombie Kidz Evolution Board Game

    Zombie Kidz Evolution Board Game

    We’ve got a game for you that will make your friends laugh so hard they might pee their pants. It’s called Zombie Kidz Evolution Board Game and it is the most fun party game on the planet Earth. This hilarious board game has players acting out ridiculous scenarios in order to win points by being the funniest player at the table. The winner of each round gets to choose which character from our collection of zombie kidz figurines wins that round and moves forward toward evolution into a new species of zombie kidz! That means more laughs as everyone tries to guess what kind of crazy creature they will become next!
    Buy from shop4world.com
  • Zombie Dice Horde Edition

    Zombie Dice Horde Edition

    In Zombie Dice, you roll the dice and eat as many brains as you can before getting shotgunned or running out of time!
    Buy from 365games.co.uk
  • Zombie Archery Norfolk

    Zombie Archery Norfolk

    You’re a survivor. We’re survivors, too. And we know that the only way to survive is to be prepared for anything.
    Buy from Into the Blue
  • Zombie Apocalypse Training

    Zombie Apocalypse Training

    You’ve seen all those shows on TV and in movies. Now it’s time to learn how to survive a real life zombie outbreak. Our Zombie Apocalypse Training is an intense, hands-on training that will teach you everything you need to know about surviving a real life zombie outbreak.
    Buy from Into the Blue
  • Zombie Infection Experience

    Zombie Infection Experience

    The Zombie Infection Experience is a live-action zombie experience that takes place in the heart of Birmingham, England. It's an immersive experience that will test your wits and courage as you try to survive against hordes of zombies who are roaming the streets looking for fresh meat!
    Buy from Into the Blue
  • Funkin Zombie Mixer Cocktail Carton, 1 L

    Funkin Zombie Mixer Cocktail Carton, 1 L

    We’ve got a zombie apocalypse on our hands and you need to be prepared for the worst.
    Buy from The Bottle Club

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