If you have a football crazy young man or young lady there are hundreds of gift ideas for them to suit all budgets. You could get them the all-important ball, their team’s replica kit, a pair of boots or shin pads, a net for practising out in the back garden and if you have a goalie in the making, then a pair of gloves would be an amazing gift. Football bedding is a good idea for a gift too.

If your football fan has a favourite team you can get all sorts of merchandise for their team of choice whether you feel their choice of team is questionable or not. The bigger teams such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid and so on have more products more widely available, but even for the smaller teams, you will find something. There will be mugs, books, signed photographs, T-shirts, caps, pens, scarfs and so on that make good gifts and stocking fillers at Christmas. In a World Cup year, there is plenty of England merchandise out there too and a kit with their favourite player’s name printed on the back is sure to be a winner for any footie fan.

The ultimate football gift would maybe be a ticket to watch their beloved team play and this would make a fab gift for a special occasion. Tickets are very expensive so not something everyone can afford on a regular basis. You can also buy shares in their team or own parts of the pitch or stadium which makes for a slightly different gift.

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