Slytherin is the house of cunning folk who show bravery and resourcefulness in the face of adversity.

The founder of this house was Salazar Slytherin as he saw that in his opinion too many members of his times were born with nothing to offer but blood purity which limited their potential success in life. He thus took on students with a wide range of pureblood backgrounds as well as Muggle-borns from less prestigious wizarding families so they could be trained in the art and beauty that is magic.

Slytherin is one of the wealthiest houses at Hogwarts due to Salazar Slytherin’s personal wealth. They are also the house that has produced more Dark witches and wizards than the other three houses combined.

Members of this house are characterized by their resourcefulness, cunning, determination and resourcefulness. Many famous witches and wizards have been in Slytherin. They are ambitious and driven to do well in life. They care most for the advancement of their own interests and those of their friends and family. Slytherins have been portrayed as bullies, as schemers, and as cunning and opportunistic when they can get away with it. This does not necessarily mean they are evil or wish others harm, but many Slytherins put points above all else, treating friendships like business transactions or tactics that may help achieve the desired end.

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